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We are dedicated to offering our customers an experience that is as personal as it is pleasurable. Every bottle of wine at Russo Wine Company is carefully vetted by our expertise.

With a commitment to quality, we take great care in selecting only those products that meet our high standards for superior quality and value.

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• Frequently Asked Questions •

If I don't have a wine cellar, what's the best way to store my wine?

Store it lying down on its side in a cool place without much temperature variation throughout the day

How can I preserve leftover wine?

Once wine is opened, it starts to deteriorate quickly on exposure to air, and it is simply not practical to keep it for very long

Should I serve wine warm or cold?

A good white wine is best lightly chilled, maybe around 45 degrees, but not so icy cold that it will stun your taste buds. A red, on the other hand, may be cooled just a bit with a wine chiller especially on a hot day, but never use ice as this will water down the wine

• Delivery Charges •

We provide a free home delivery service for all orders within the Orlando area, with a minimum of a $75 purchase. Under $75, there will be a $10 delivery fee. Proof of 21+ is needed for deliveries. Deliveries will be made on Saturdays or Sundays (10 am - 6 pm)

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